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If you are coming to this site because you child must be home because of the coronavirus and you are looking for resources, you should look to the menu on the left. These links will provide information about our homeschooling philosophy and homeschool resources you can use.

If this is your first exposure to homeschooling, here are some points to keep in mind:

  • Are you overwhelmed? Many seasoned homeschool parents understand on reflection that their children needed to "detox" from public school before they could create a true home learning environment. You can learn about detoxing by searching online, but here are a couple of sources that might get you started. Why “Detox” Is Essential to the New Homeschooling Family and Advice for Newbies, and Families Needing a “Reset”! You are one-on-one with your child, so take advantage of that. Your most important skill is knowing what your child needs, and you can use that to provide the education that meets their needs.
  • Because of its nature, with sometimes as many as 25 or 30 students per class, public school has some built-in inefficiencies. Most people discover that roughly four hours of instruction per day is enough for children to keep up with their needs. 
  • Some parents like to have a formal classroom with desks and instructional materials at hand. However, many find that they can do instruction in informal locations, like the kitchen table or the livingroom and allow their children to spend much of their time working on projects. This model can help maintain a good relationship with your child and allow you to work on other tasks, such as the next day's activities or your own projects.
  • If something isn't working, stop doing it and try something else. There are many ways to learn, and you will probably want to find the approaches that work best for your child.
  • There are probably homeschool support groups in your area. Where there can be a rich store of information and resources on the web, accessing the knowledge of experienced homeschool parents can be an important — or some might say essential — resource for parents of all experience levels.

Dave Klein, Ph.D.


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