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If you have logged in, your courses are located in the "Course Rooms" area from the Main Menu.  Individual subjects are listed under each grade after you click on the grade you choose.
You may do your course work in the order in which parent and student have determined best meets the needs of the student.

Some files are large. They will take time to download to your computer. Some files need to be turned to the side after downloading. If the computer says your file has been downloaded and you see a white screen, turn the page to the side with the turn page option on the tool bar. You should see the book as a two page per sheet book. Again, these are not broken links.

Attendance and scheduling forms are available for printing below "Records/Forms" on the right side bar. You may also use Homeschool Reporting Online at a %50 discount fee of $10.00 simply because you are a VHI enrolled family. Use the discount code "vhi" when signing up.

You can use VHI curriculum three ways:

1. As a complete curriculum (Classical and Charlotte Mason Homeschool Methods).

  1. If you are using the complete curriculum option you will start at the top of your subject area course room and work through the texts and materials provided until you reach the bottom. In some classes, alternatives are available from the course room “Resources and Materials.” In other course rooms you may find a suggestion to check in the VHI school library for alternative texts.
  2. NO LONGER AVAILABLE An additional option for those using the complete curriculum option is the “custom,” or “Premium Homeroom,” @@Homeroom@@, which is designed specifically for your child’s needs and strengths and belongs entirely to your child. This option includes online attendance and weekly scheduling record keeping.
2. As a supplemental curriculum (aka, Eclectic).

If you are using the supplemental curriculum option you may use the materials and resources presented in the course rooms as supplements to other curricula you are using. In this case, VHI will become a resource for ideas and additional text books and materials. The enrolled student library will be especially helpful to you.

3. As a Free Style Curriculum (aka, Unschooling).

If you are using the “Free Style” option, you will use VHI as a smörgåsbord of resources and ideas to whet the educational appetite. The libraries and supplemental materials may be of particular interested to you as you free style. There is no wrong way to free style.

You will need a PDF reader (Adobe) to read many of the files on VHI

Printing Goals for your local school district:

Some school districts require homeschoolers to submit "goals," lesson plans, or a plan of studies (sometimes called a course of studies) at the beginning of each new school year, or when homeschooling forms are submitted for the first time. You can print a list of materials used and topics to be covered from the print icon in each subject area course room. The printer icon produces a better record than the PDF icon. This should serve as a record of the materials and topics you will cover this homeschool year. In most cases it will be more than the school district ever wanted to know.

Some Courses and items are still under development; we appreciate your patience as we put new materials together.

Items still in development New Item Announcements:
  Books added to library daily
Additional One-syllable Books  
Parent/Student Contributions  
And more to be named later  

Virtual Keyboard
Free online Piano Lessons
Free online Guitar Lessons
Free online Harmonica Lessons
Recommendations for college bound Students
Please read the article "Crisis at the Core" when deciding what courses are important to your college preparation.

Recommended curriculum for college bound students:
4 years Language Arts/English
3 Science: Earth, Biology, Chemistry
3 Math: Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry
3 Social Science/History
2 years of a Foreign language (Sign Language counts) Options in Other Courses

More is better.

*The World Book "Typical" Course of Studies was largely followed in the creation of subject area curriculum. VHI creators contributed heavily to the implementation and creation of curriculum. There are many original VHI created materials available in course rooms and in the resource areas of the VHI site.
*World Book (2005). Typical Course of Studies. Retrieved August 28, 2005. https://www.worldbook.com/typical-course-of-study.aspx
If you have logged in, your grade and courses are located on the Main menu bar on the course Rooms link. Individual subjects are listed under each grade after you click on the grade you choose.

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