How to use

How to Use
You may wonder who keep the homeschool records (attendance, lesson plans, grades) once you enroll in and begin use of Virtual Homeschool International. Homeschool record keeping is the responsibility of the parent. VHI provides all the forms you will need to keep track of your homeschool year. We will provide proof of enrollment for those who need it to meet state homeschool law requirements. Simply send a request for documentation to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with "Homeschool Documentation" in the subject line.

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Yes there is a quick start tour of VHI that will show you how to navigate to your classes and some of the features of the homeschool.
Yes, they do, along with other evidence of achievement such as SAT or ACT scores, a portfolio of accomplishments, projects, and curriculum studied, and in some cases an interview with the student, along with a "Statement of Purpose," which tells the university who you are and what you intend to do with your college degree. This is much the same as it is for any graduating senior in any educational setting. And your student is eligible for Financial Aid too. The Home-School Legal Defense Association has a detailed list of colleges and Universities that accept homeschoolers.
"@@Homeroom@@," is a premium service (available Fall semester only) that allows the student to have a customized homeroom built for him or her for an increased fee. The customized homeroom is adjusted to the student’s needs and ability levels and presents course work in a more organized way than the "basic" level of enrollment. Services include online record keeping and scheduling for the student and parent.
There are two options in graduating and diploma granting.

The parent grants the diploma and graduates the child once the parent determines that the child has completed enough high school curricula to be able to succeed in college.

The parent and child enter into a graduation contract with VHI, the child completes the contracted senior year curriculum or project, and VHI grants the child a Virtual Homeschool International diploma.

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