Texts We Use

Virtual Homeschool International


Most of the texts we use are antiques. We use these texts for a few good reasons. Supplemental materials are also used to both up date information in the texts and to provide a more rounded experience.


  1. These texts are in the public domain and therefore may be made available at a cost of pennies for you. . Even a current reproduction of an antique text book would cost you $12-$15 in a book store. A current publishers' modern text book would run between $35 and $75 dollars, depending on the course and the publisher.
  2. Up through the 1900's, schools were often taught by teachers with little or no education in teaching. Accordingly, there are many helps and hints in these texts that are perfect for homeschoolers.
  3. The texts have stood the test of time and are regarded as excellent examples of how a subject should be taught. Your grandparents' generation may have used the same texts and would have gotten an excellent education because of them.
  4. Public education has taken a nosedive in the last 40-50 years. Tests scores are lower and the average level of achievement has fallen. Text books written after this time may reflect these downward trends and be unsuitable for homeschool purposes. Additionally, modern text books are written to sell text books, many are not written or approved by instructional designers and therefore, they may look good to the buyer, but have little instructive value.
  5. We can make these texts available to homeschool families for a fraction of what current texts are now selling for, even though most of the content is the same.
  6. Using this curriculum allows the student or educator to make instant changes in curriculum to suit the needs of the student. No time is lost due to mailings or price changes, and there are no extra charges.
  7. By using curricula that has been the standard in the past; we can offer a wider range of excellent curricula to a broader range of students. We can offer basic courses to those who need more time to master skills and the ability to move more quickly to other students. We can offer the ability to move at the student's pace, while preparing the student who is college bound.
  8. These texts reflect a classical curriculum which is highly regarded and utilized by Virtual Homeschool International.
  9. Texts may be read online, downloaded, or printed to read offline.
  10. By scanning and digitising these grand old classics we are preserving them for our own and future generations.

We also use more contemporary texts when available and appropriate. Additionally, We use a great deal of our own original curricula when what was needed was not available in the antique texts. Many work books and worksheets have been developed to round out the VHI curriculum and fulfill the requirements of the "typical Course of Studies."

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