Materials & Resources       

Baby Primer (alphabet book) Reading Report

Primer Library  (on menu bar under Lang Arts)
Student Dictionary for newly learned words.
Assignment Book
Paper:  Let child have plenty of access to paper and writing materials.
How to Teach Phonics (Book)      PDF     DOC
Phonics flash cards A-z 1-10 Small Letter Alphabet A-Z a-z
Handwriting. Begin, but don't pressure child as this will be very messy and raw.
Crayola  Alphabet to Color (Crayola site)
Coloring books. Coloring helps to develop the hand-eye coordination the child will need later to begin handwriting. Available under Preschool menu.

Books to read to them

Tale of Tommy Fox
Tale of Freddy Firefly
A Collection of Beatrix Potter Stories
The Real Mother Goose
Peter Rabbit





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